PHP Destructor

In this tutorial, we will learn about PHP Destructor. The destructor method is totally reverse of the constructor method. PHP destructor does not return any value. In case we create __destructor function in class, PHP will automatically call the destructor function if there are no other references to a particular object or at the end of the script.

Please Note, that the desructor function starts with two underscores (__). for e.g. __destruct()

Here an example program to show how to define destructor in PHP.

class Example {

  //defing a constructor
  function __construct() {
    echo "This is constuctor method.<br>";
  //defing a normal method
  function show(){
     echo "This is show method.<br>";
  //defing a destructor
  function __destruct() {
    echo "The is destructor method.<br>"; 

$obj = new Example();

The destructor will be called even if script execution is stopped using exit() or die() function.

Difference b/w Constructor and PHP Destructor:

Constructor Destructor
It Allocates Memory It Deallocates Memory
Get called at the time of class is instantiated Get called at the time of deletion of the object
Name of function is _construct(). Name of function is _destruct()
Can accept parameters  Can not accept parameters 
Constructors can be overloaded  Destructors can not be overloaded


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