Introduction to Kotlin

In this tutorial, we will learn about Introduction to Kotlin. Kotlin is high level strongly statically typed Object-oriented programming language and it is developed by JetBrains. Kotlin is JVM based programming language and students who learned Java they have a clear idea about JVM if you never learned Java Click here to learn about JVM. Kotlin is a fully-featured programming language it provides all the features which Java developer was missing in Java. Syntax of Kotlin is different than Java but internally reliant of Java class library. It is important to mention, that the standard compiler of Kotlin can compiler code into Java byte code for the java and into JavaScript.

Before going further here we will took a quick glance at the history of Kotlin:

Version Release Date
1.0.0 15-02-2016
1.0.1 16-03-2016
1.0.2 13-05-2016
1.0.3 30-06-2016
1.0.4 22-09-2016
1.0.5 08-11-2016
1.0.6 27-12-2016
1.1.0 01-03-2017
1.1.1 14-03-2017
1.1.2 25-04-2017
1.1.3 23-06-2017

Example of Kotlin Syntax:

fun main(args: Array<String>){
            println(“Hello World”)

You can clearly see that syntax of Kotlin is totally different than Java. In next tutorial we will learn how to set up the environment for Kotlin.

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