Parvesh Sandila Founder of Owlbuddy

Greetings, dear readers! I am Parvesh Sandila, the founder of, and I am thrilled to share my journey with Owlbuddy. Join me as I take you through the evolution of this project and its mission to provide free and high-quality programming content.

About me

Hailing from Jalandhar, Punjab, I have dedicated the past six years of my life to working as a Web and Android app developer. From a young age, I was captivated by computers and video games, fueling my curiosity to understand how they worked. This passion led me to pursue a college education in the field of computers, ultimately earning a master’s degree in computer applications in 2017. Alongside my studies, I also ventured into coding training, sharing my knowledge with over 100+ students.

Owlbuddy and Me:

In the mid-2019, I embarked on the journey of Owlbuddy, a project that has been close to my heart since my college days. Initially, I started by writing coding blogs, but in 2019, I took a significant leap and developed and designed the Owlbuddy website. Today, Owlbuddy offers a comprehensive platform to learn various programming languages, including Java, Python, Kotlin, PHP, Android and more. Additionally, Owlbuddy houses a section called the Knowledge Tree, where you can stay updated with the latest tech blogs.

My motive behind Owlbuddy:

My primary objective in creating Owlbuddy was to provide free and top-notch content to every student aspiring to build a career in programming. I understand the significance of accessible resources for learning, and I wanted to bridge that gap by offering valuable content to all.

Small Message:

Before bidding you farewell, I would like to share a message with you. Throughout my journey with Owlbuddy, I have experienced both highs and lows. However, my unwavering determination and the unwavering support of my family have kept me motivated. I urge you to stay motivated and relentlessly pursue your dreams. Whenever exhaustion creeps in, remember the mantra, “Take one more step, to keep yourself ahead.” Thank you sincerely for your incredible love and support..

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