Powerful features of Table in MS Excel

In this tutorial, we will learn the powerful features of Table which we can execute by a single click.

1.. Easy Sorting:

We can sort Table according to any column in MS Excel. You can simply sort the data from A to Z or descending or ascending order by just clicking on the arrow button of the first cell of the column.

For example: you want the Name of students in alphabet orders.(A to Z)


Click on the tiny arrow above the column and then choose the order in which you want to sort your array and then click on OK button.


Here is your shorted array according to your particular column. (In this case according to Students Name).


2.. Easy filtering:

To filter the data of the particular column,  just click on the arrow button next to the heading if the column and select the text which you want to filter.

Example: subject of the student you want to filter then click on the checkbox of that particular subject.

3.. Easily find total rows in filter view:

If you want to find the total number of rows in filter view it’s really difficult to count the numbers by manually. 

Just select the total cells inside the table. Next, on the Design tab, in the Table Style Options group, check Total Row.

In result Total rows count will be shown in the last row.

4.. Easy Calculations:

Click on any cell of the last row. Select the function to calculate the value.

Example: To calculate the average of students marks, the sum of the sales column, the total count of the column.

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