Introduction to MS Excel

In this tutorial, we will learn an Introduction to MS Excel. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software developed and published by Microsoft Corporation. MS Excel is a part of Microsoft office suite (Click here to download) productivity software. MS Excel has spreadsheets which are typically used to organize numbers and text data in rows and columns with formulas and functions. MS Excel is one of the most useful and recommended programs for documentation and data analysis. It can be used in all kind business platforms and companies from small to large scale.

Features of MS Excel:

  • MS Excel provides a plethora of built-in formulas(sum, average, minimum, maximum, ext)
  • Option to find and replace using keyboard shortcuts or by choosing the option from function ribbon.
  • It provides Option to add Header and Footer in the sheet.
  • Spreadsheet name and colour can be edited according to the user’s requirement.
  • Auto editing of cells by excel itself if needed.
  • Data filtering. (auto filters, advance filters)
  • MS Excel also provides options for Data sorting to analyse data in either descending or ascending orders. 
  • It contains the feature to represent data via different tables(Pivot Tables)(via line graphs, Pie charts, Bar graphs)
  • Excel provides a useful feature of formula auditing by colouring the dependents cells and with the blue arrow to trace the specific data provider cell.
  • Excel spreadsheet has a grate password protection feature to protect data from unauthorised access.
  • Easy addition and deletion of worksheets, Can add so many new worksheets according to the user’s requirement just clicking by the insert button (+) at the bottom (3 sheets by default) and also can delete any time.
  • Excel provides the time saving shortcut key (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V, Shift + F11)
  • Easy option to insert Serial Numbers by drag and drop. 
  • Easy formula applying by drag and drop or by selecting the whole column or row.
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