Creating a Table in MS Excel

In this tutorial, we will learn about how we can make our data more presentable by creating a Table in MS Excel. Using Table you can analyse the data easily.

Insert a Table in MS excel by using following steps:

1.. Open the Excel worksheet.


2.. Select the entire data which you have prepared or you want built-in a table.


3.. Click on the Insert tab from the top Ribbon. From Tables group click on the “Table” option.


4.. Now the dialogue box opens, you can see the range of the data which you have selected. If your table has a heading of the columns, then check the checkbox “My Table has headers“. Then click “ok”.


After all these step here is the final result which we will got.


Excel will create a well-formatted Table for your Data. Excel Table provides very powerful features which help you to analyse data quickly, easy sorting, easy filtering, can easily find total rows in filter view, easily calculate (average, sum, min, max, count, ext,) by just clicking any cell in the last row.

Please keep continue will this MS Excel tutorial series. In next tutorial we will learn about Table formatting.

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