What is SQLite in Android

In this tutorial we will learn about what is SQLite Database. Android provides the facility to use the SQLite database to store data on the device in the form of the file. SQLite is an open-source SQL database. Furthermore, it is so easy to use SQLite we can access data from the database without even establishing a connection with the database. Apart from this In android, there is a dedicated package to work with SQLite database.

SQLite package:

As I mention in previous paragraph that Android has dedicated package to work with SQLIte which is android.database.sqlite. This package have various classes which makes it so easy to use SQLIte in a application

What we will do:

In upcoming tutorials we will see how to create new SQLite database in device and how to perform operations like:

To learn this we will create a small application called Phone Book in which we will store contact number. So stay connected and follow all the upcoming tutorials.


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