First Project in Android

In this tutorial, we will how to create the First project in Android. In the last tutorial, we learned about the Android studio. I hope you have downloaded and installed the Android studio in your machine. In this tutorial, we will learn how to start First Project your first Android project in Android studio. Apart from starting a project, we will also discuss here the project structure because it’s so important to know about the project structure to make an Android App. In case you don’t have Android Studio installed on your machine. Please Install it Now.

Steps to Start First Project in Android:

In very first step click on File->New->New Project. After Clicking this a dialogue box will popup.

In this Dialog box, you will see some activity templates. At present we will just click on Empty Activity and then click Next.

This Dialog box you have to write Name of your Application, Package name for your Application, location where you want to save you project and language from Kotlin or Java and then minimum API level we are choosing here API 21 here. Then click on Finish button.

This is the final screen you will see. We have successfully started our first project.

Please try to keep you laptop/PC connected to internet in starting because sometimes Android studio download some required things from internet.

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