Login Window Design

In this tutorial, we will make Login Window Design using Tkinter. In login design, we will ask a user for email and password. We will also add a register button to open Register Now Window in case a user doesn’t have account.

Login Window Code:

label = Label(root, text="Login Here",width=20,fg="blue",font=("bold", 20))

emailLabel = Label(root, text="Email",width=20,font=("bold", 10))

emailEntry = Entry(root,textvar=emailVar)

passwordLabel = Label(root, text="Password",width=20,font=("bold", 10))

passwordEntry = Entry(root,textvar=passVar,show='*')

Button(root, text='Login Now',width=20,bg='blue',fg='white',pady=5,command=loginNow).place(x=180,y=230)

Button(root,text="Have no Accout! Create one",bg="red",fg="white",font=("bold",10),command=registerWindow).place(x=170,y=280)


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