SQLite in Python

This category contains all the tutorials related to SQLite in Python.

Login Window Design

In this tutorial, we will make Login Window Design using Tkinter. In login design, we will ask a user for email and password. We will also add a register button to open Register Now Window in case a user doesn’t have account. Login Window Code: label = Label(root, text=”Login Here”,width=20,fg=”blue”,font=(“bold”, 20)) label.place(x=90,y=53) emailLabel = Label(root,

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Signup Window Design

In this tutorial, we will make Signup Window Design using Tkinter. We will take some basic information from user like Name, Email, Password, Gender etc. Please check following code of signup window. Signup Window Code: registerScreen.title(“Registration Here”) registerScreen.geometry(‘500×500’) label = Label(registerScreen, text=”Registration Here”,width=20,fg=”blue”,font=(“bold”, 20)) label.place(x=90,y=53) nameLabel = Label(registerScreen, text=”FullName”,width=20,font=(“bold”, 10)) nameLabel.place(x=80,y=130) nameEntery = Entry(registerScreen,textvar=nameVar) nameEntery.place(x=240,y=130) emailLabel =

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