HTML Headings

In this tutorial, we will learn about HTML Headings. HTML has 6 heading tags to show headings on the web page. we can use any of them according to our requirement. These tags are from h1 to h6. we use h1 tag to show important headings of the web page and h6 to show least important headings in the web page. You can use h2 to h5 tags to show subheadings on the web page. The only difference among all these tags is text size. The text size of all heading tags is different. H1 have the biggest text size and h6 has the smallest among all these.

<h1>  </h1>
<h2>  </h2>
<h3>  </h3>
<h4>  </h4>
<h5>  </h5>
<h6>  </h6>

Understand this with Example:

 <h1>This is H1 Tag</h1>
 <h2>This is H2 Tag</h2>
 <h3>This is H3 Tag</h3>
 <h4>This is H4 Tag</h4>
 <h5>This is H5 Tag</h5>
 <h6>This is H6 Tag</h6>


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