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Arrays in Java

In this tutorial, we will learn about Arrays in Java. Till now we learned about variables. We know in a variable we can store a value, for example, int num=10; Here num is variable of int type in which we can store an integer value. but suppose you want to store 100 values. It means you should […]

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Comments in Java

In this tutorial, we will learn about Comments in Java. Comments are not used to perform any function in the program but they are really useful for developers. Developers can write comments with variables and Methods to remember their working (purpose) in the program. One important thing to mention comments doesn’t put any impact on the

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Introduction to Java

In this tutorial, we will learn Introduction to Java. Java is an object-oriented programming language. Java language was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems Inc. In starting they were thinking of naming this language Oak, But this name was already registered by another company so they named it Java. Java is a breed of coffee.

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Operators in Java

In this tutorial, we will learn about Operators in Java. Operators are special symbols that we use to perform special operations like the addition of two numbers. Java provides us with a wide range of operators which help us to perform special operations. In Java, all the operators are divided into different categories All the

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Keywords in Java

In this tutorial, we will learn about Keywords in Java. Java provides a wide range of keywords to us. Every keyword has some special meaning in Java. We can not use any keyword as a class name or as a variable name. All keywords have some predefined meaning which the Java compiler knows very well

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